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You are more than you think…….

Last night a client told me he felt “powerful” and “larger” than he had ever felt before. He had these feelings along with a “deep sense of calm.” The reason? He had just completed a Journey to his Sacred Garden as referred to in episode 62 ( http://www.onlinerecoverysupport.com/?p=1355).  Along with this calm, he felt grounded and profoundly aware of the amazing connection that we all have to the Spirit world. As I mentioned in the broadcast, this type of exercise allows us to gain access to, and remember much of what we have forgotten about ourselves and our link to a magical and healing dimension of the Universe. In this space, incredible visions, feelings, and ideas can come to us that bring a light to the darkness. When we are busy with the “things of this world” we forget that we are magical and powerful. We forget all that we have to be grateful for. We forget that if we were to just stop and listen, we might discover that the very thing we have been looking for, for so long, was right there all the time.

admin • July 23, 2010

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