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Tour de France

Every year I look forward with great anticipation and excitement to watching “The Tour” on television. Seeing the images of the beautiful European countryside, the supportive communities, and the amazing athletes is always an inspiration to me. This year I was hopeful that Lance would pull of an another amazing victory but after three falls in one day and flat tire another day, it was not to be. But just like Lance’s book “It’s not about the Bike” is not so much about cycling, my reference to “The Tour” on this website is not about cycling. It’s about the amazing human Spirit. The ability to perform like they do while at the same time having families, financial obligations, and health issues just like us, is proof that we really are capable of accomplishing amazing feats.

The other day I was reading about beliefs and the difference between “successful” people and “ordinary” people. The author said the only difference was in their thinking. He said the difference was “successful” people believe that success can happen.

Check your belief system and ask yourself about what you believe to be true about you and your life. Challenge yourself and change your thinking. Do what Mike Dooley suggests and when you think thoughts, “choose the good ones.”  You are more powerful than you think you are, really!!


admin • July 25, 2010

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