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“The Lost Episodes” and Happy 14th to Rob!!

During the migration and merging of ORS with kurtswensen.com we lost some of our data and certain shows produced a “file not found” message. With some help from my friend Brian we were able to restore them to the database in a 250mg zip file. The file contains episodes 14-50, for those who are interested in some of the earlier material. The shows have a very different feel than recent episodes but they all bring something a little different. 0 to 13 felt more like “practice” shows and were removed. 14 is where we started to get focussed, and somewhere around 30 is where I started feeling much more comfortable with what we were offering. Episode 34 is the most popular show by far and remains my personal favorite.

The download is free and can be stored in your Itunes library, on your desktop, or any place you have the room.


Kurt Swensen • September 17, 2012

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