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The failure to negotiate disappointment is the origin of addiction………

This quote is by a woman named Jaki Hull. I have not previously heard of Jaki but her work comes highly recommended. I did a Google search when I got home and was unsuccessful in finding Jaki on the Internet. Perhaps the spelling is wrong, but the message to me was clear and potent.
My sense was she was referring to one of the fundamental issues that can traumatize us as very young beings (perhaps as young as 1 or 2) and plague us for the rest of our lives.
Looking at how we mange disappointment and our use of different tools including the Twelve Steps is important, if not critical to successful recovery as we have all had many disappointments in our lives.
The pain seeks relief and our addictions sometimes provides the respite. Negotiating disappointment may bring the answer.

Tonight we are expecting snow in Portland and it reminds me of nights (as a small person) when I used to hope that it snowed so I wouldn’t have to go to school. As an adult it reminds me of Peace, quiet, and those times when I can/could sleep in with a loved one and enjoy NOT going to work. Isabelle and I look forward to white in the morning……..

Love to all, Kurt

Kurt Swensen • February 28, 2012

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