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Struggling with sex addiction and want to share your story?

True Life is MTV’s award-winning series that covers diverse topics that are important to our audience, ranging from pop culture trends to breaking news issues. Topics in the past have included hard hitting topics such as drug addiction (crystal meth, oxycontin, etc), parents divorcing, to much lighter subjects like what it’s like to be a Justin Timberlake fan. And since the series premiere in 1998, MTV’s audience has kept wanting more constantly tuning in, making True Life the most popular documentary series in our channel’s history.

Right now, the working title for an upcoming episode is True Life: I Am Addicted To Sex

We’re looking to find someone (ideally a young man) but we would like to talk to as many as possible :

1. Anywhere in the US , between 18-27/28 years old
2. CURRENTLY struggling with this issue

Shoot me an email if you are interested.



admin • July 27, 2011

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