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In the book; The Master Game, by Robert S. De Ropp, he says “man’s ordinary state of consciousness, his so called waking state, is not the highest level of consciousness of which he is capable. In fact, this state is so far from real awakening that it could  appropriately be called a form of waking sleep.”

I have noticed over the years of working with thousands of addicts and alcoholics that we all seek “more.” There are many addicts who will tell you that their favorite drug is “more”. Or, as my friend Dr. Rick Marinelli says “the seeking of intensity. Whiter whites, redder reds, brighter blues”. He says there is a certain inherent “lack”, perhaps in chemistry, that contributes to this seeking. In studies of individuals with OCD, it has been demonstrated that low levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin are responsible for some of the OCD behavior. For example, in the “normal” study group, when an individual turned off a light switch, a certain amount of serotonin was present in the persons chemistry. In an individual with OCD, lower levels of serotonin were present and because of that, they were compelled to check the light switch again. Researchers determined that this behavior was in an attempt to “complete the circuit” or increase levels of serotonin in the brain.

My observations in both my personal work and my time spent with addicts and alcoholics is that we all seek “more” and we all want to feel better. For individuals in recovery, meditation, Spiritual examination, quiet time, proper nutrition, good sleep, time in nature, and the seeking of a “Higher Consciousness” brings about a much more desirable result than the use of chemicals. It also makes me wonder, how much more of me is there? What exists in this Higher Consciousness? Who am I really, and what am I capable of if I really put my complete self to the task? Perhaps I will discover that I really am, far more than I believe myself to be.



admin • August 9, 2010

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