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Reflections, and what it means to “Step up” or into my life…..

Every year about this time I think about what has unfolded for me in my life, and look at where things seem to be headed. Every year I can look back and see my growth and my “areas needing improvement” with decent clarity but there is always something I miss. And that, is what lies in the invisible. I forget sometimes that magic is always present and that all I need to do is shift my perspective. I sometimes get too busy, or caught up in the things of this world and forget the real reason that I’m here. I’ve asked the question on the radio show many times, “Why are you here?” “Why are you on this planet?” Are you here to fulfill your dreams? Are you here to heal? To Love unconditionally? Feel the answers to these questions and notice the sensations in your body. Your body will always tell you the truth and lead you to the appropriate action. Sometimes this is hard, but your body is an amazing instrument that if used properly, and listened to always, can bring you back to the truth of your great purpose in life.

When we first started the ORS radio show we did it on Saturday evening to a live audience of 12 to 50 people. Then, in the following week a couple hundred would download the show from ITunes. The show has continued to grow and occasionally I get an update about how many listeners we have and I’m always a little surprised and grateful. Right now, I’m humbled. Online Recovery Support Radio is now being downloaded more than 4000 times a day and 125,000 times a month. The show is being downloaded from every Continent on the planet. Daily, I receive emails from listeners saying “thank you” for doing what we do. Thank you. Thank you for listening, thank you for your support, and thank you for your contribution to the wellness of the recovering community.

As I sit here today I think about my life and my creations. I think about the work I have done, the healings that have come, and the issues that still require my attention. I am a work in progress. I am still awakening to the greater truth. I still have much to realize, and have to walk through the fear, tears, pain, sorrow, and deep, deep emotions that I don’t yet understand. Many have said “life is an adventure” and I get that it is, what I forget sometimes is that it is an adventure of my own creation and I forget why I created it! Then, in my deep meditation, or a consultation with a trusted guide, I get it! I am here to love. Where, how, and with whom, is sometimes unclear but later reveals itself in its own perfect way.

If you listened to episode 73 you heard a story about a scene in Bridges of Madison County. It beautifully illustrates how we can sometimes step into our truth, and sometimes we are too afraid. If I don’t own my truth and step into my adventure “like my pants are on fire”, then what does that do to the world around me? The answer is, usually the rest of the world doesn’t know the difference, but sometimes you can hold back an entire family, community, or world from experiencing a great joy. You hold keys. Keys that unlock invisible gifts that then become visible to the rest of the world.

I sometimes tell a story about Wolfgang Mozart. If he had refused to play the piano, no one would know the difference, but what an incredible gift he has given to the world because he did. We are all like Mozart. We have unlocked gifts that can change the world. Open yourself to the truth. Open yourself to healing. Then, stand in the Light of your truth and feel the vibrations that echo into the Universe. Not only can you change you, you can have an impact in the world!

Remember, you have to stand in the Light to know the truth. Standing in the dark and hoping the Light will come to you, is a long, painful, process that brings only glimpses of what is possible. Step up, and into the magic. Or better yet, do both! Invite the L:ight, AND step in.

With much Love,


admin • October 7, 2010

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