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Rain, The Cosmic Window, San Francisco, and gratitude.

November 19th in the Pacific Northwest usually means plenty of rain.

Right now Isabelle and I are just sitting in the dark listening to the rain outside. Really peaceful. Tonight I decided to turn my phone off and sit quietly. It was a good decision.

When we sit quietly we hear beyond the noise of life. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but the water landing on the roof and draining down the gutters is close to (if not better than) those fountains we buy for our homes and offices to bring us “peace.”

Sitting quietly with all electronics in the “off” position is pretty amazing. Join me??

Much Love to all, and, happy holidays. Everyone’s support of the show is amazing. I had no idea how important this podcast would become, and I am incredibly grateful and humbled for the opportunity to be a part of so many lives.


Above is “The Cosmic Window” by Narcissus Quagliata. It can be viewed at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco atop Nob Hill and across from Huntington Park. This image (and the park) has great meaning to me as it was an important part of Online Recovery Support’s episode 34, (recorded in 2009) and by far the most popular show I have done thusfar. For those of you who have not been with us that long, it is my personal story of healing, tears, and the releasing of pain. This was the turning point for myself and the show, following an exceptionally painful period in my life. While visiting San Francisco, I stepped more deeply into my truth, honesty, and Spirituality. I then became more willing to be ungaurdely vulnerable with anyone who was listening. After episode 34, we grew from a few thousand listeners, to over 100,000 listeners a week.

Be open, honest, and loving. Step into that which scares you, it is there you will find your freedom.

Again, my gratitude for all the support,


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Kurt Swensen • November 19, 2012

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