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ORS Radio – The Lost Episodes

When ORS Radio was launched several years ago we struggled to establish a program or a style that helped form a community and really connected with individuals in all stages of recovery. After considerable evaluation, examination, and listening to feedback, my friend Richard said “Be yourself and tell your story. No guests and no interviews. Just you and your story and we’ll see what happens.” I agreed, and ORS was finaly born. We have since become one of the most popular recovery programs on iTunes and the Internet in general.

Recently we decided to merge www.onlinerecoverysupport.com with www.kurtswensen.com. When we transferred the data some of the links to the earlier episodes were lost. Fortunately our friend Brian had saved copies of all the early broadcasts which we now can offer you in a file we call The Lost Episodes. 1 through 14 were experiments and thus, discarded.

I consider episodes 25 to 30 as the true beginning of ORS radio. It is the time when I decided to “step into my truth” and tell my story and my experience with and about, the life of a recovering person.

My gratitude to Brian for his willingness to “save and share” as without his effort 14-50 would remain “missing.”

My thanks to our support staff, production staff, and all of you who click the www.paypal.com button and keep us on the air.

With Love and gratitude to all,

To download episodes 14-50, right click the link below and save to your computer. The resulting .ZIP file is approximately 250MB in size and may take several minutes to download. Once the download is complete, you can drag the episodes from the .ZIP file into iTunes or your favorite audio player.


admin • September 17, 2012

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