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Online Recovery Support – Episode 43

Kurt is sharing a story from Hawaii and answering “Who am I and why am I really here?”

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admin • February 21, 2010

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  • Jan

    You spoke of listening to your inner voice, honoring it. So many of my thoughts seem selfish, using was… Which thoughts do you trust?

  • Mary

    I am a very grateful recovering addict today. We must continue to be selfish to remain sober! If we arent the most important person in our lives we are not good for the ones we love and love us..
    Be selfish, trust yourself to know who you are capable of being. And know who you NEVER want to be again.

  • Geppi

    The inner voice, sometimes speaks with bodily sensations. Or emotions, which are no more than thoughts + bodily contractions or tensions.
    To learn how to connect to it is not difficult or esoteric, is just my mind focus on this pressure on the chest or this shortness of breath, and ask softly what do you say? Who is there? And listen attentively. It might not come up soon, but it will tell me what is “it”
    That is easy, difficult is to follow what it said, difficult is to apply the teaching to my daily living, because sometimes what comes up is something I do not want to hear it. Discernment and trust to my higher power are the tools of my trade in listening this voice.