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Online Recovery Support – Episode 385

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How do we know we’re doing the right thing?
Practicing “I statements”
How to appropriately express anger.
Who “wins:” in an argument?
A few words about blame.
I am not a victim, I’m hear to learn.
How to not get wrapped up in “the story.”
A few more words about blame.
Keeping our codependency in check while trying to help others.
Trusting The Universe. Start small and work our way up.
The bravery and willingness required to let go of our egoic alcoholic/addict thinking.
One of my favorite teachers helped me to express my “unvarnished truth”
Can you feel the energy around you?
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If you are interested in listening to some of our earlier work, you can download what we call “The Lost Episodes” @ http://www.kurtswensen.com/ors-radio-the-lost-episodes/
The 250mb zip file contains episodes 14-50 and is here thanks to a couple or our best friends. Somehow, during a website redesign, we “lost” our first 50 episodes.
I put the word out and within a day or two we had an email telling me that episodes 0-50 had been saved and episodes 0-50 were graciously zipped and shipped, and were back in our library.
After reviewing episodes 1-13, we decided to categorize them as “practice” shows and exclude them from the file. Episode 14 was when we started to get a little traction and feel pride in what we had produced.
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Kurt Swensen • October 5, 2016

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