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Online Recovery Support – Episode 354

On this weeks show…….

Playing with poop!!

If that’s not enough, I talk about who, why, and what’s “behind” that kind of behavior.

  • Judgement, expectations, rules, and the resulting disappointments.
  • We are NOT broken!! We do NOT have defects of character. I try once more to adjust a couple of the 12 steps.
  • A good friend of mine (Rob) who appeared on some of our older episodes, shared a story with me so I could share it on the show. The topic is “Real Life Miracles.”
  • People who are dealing with cancer Rob says, “are really amazing teachers.”
  • When desperation and fear overrides rational thought.
  • The “Pie of Life.” Kinda corny but a great example nonetheless.
  • Where do we find “the answer?”
  • An awesome story of a young Shaman. A little girls awesome gift that allows her to “see, feel, sense, and know” in a way others cannot. She is a truly gifted mystic in a three year olds body. An absolutely amazing story.

This and more on episode 354 with our gratitude.

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Kurt Swensen • March 2, 2016

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