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Online Recovery Support – Episode 348

On this weeks sow I devote almost an entire episode to “feelings”.

  • Usually people feel discomfort when asked to drop deeply into their feelings. Living a life in recovery requires us to feel, accurately identify, and sometimes express our deepest inner “Self”.
  • The egos’ investment in “winning”.
  • What are my feelings telling me to do?
  • Will our ego allow us to just walk away?
  • Love, Joy, Hope, are all “High Frequency” energies.
  • Shame, guilt, fear, sadness, are all vibrating at lower frequencies.
  • Asking ourselves where we are “vibrating”.
  • What frequency am I living in?
  • What’s my energetic average?
  • At the end of the day do we have a feeling of higher or lower frequency energies?
  • Feeling without analysis.
  • Situational vs. biological feelings.
  • How to avoid spending too much time in the story and staying out of the darkness.

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Kurt Swensen • January 18, 2016

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