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Online Recovery Support – Episode 305

Welcome to Episode 305 of ORS

On this week’s episode…

  • Further evidence supporting the benefits of some Essential Oils. If you are interested in learning more, Kurt can connect you with someone who specializes in working with oils, just shoot him an email.
  • Love, how difficult it is sometimes to be loved, to have love. What is love?
  • Early recovery and the struggle to love ourselves, know ourselves, and discover who we are inside.
  • A personal experience with love on a deep, soulful level – and abruptly shutting it off. Why would I do that? Fear of love, or death of the ego?
  • A revisiting of Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now,
  • When I love myself then “loving things” come into my awareness.
  • Do I even know me? Not my performance based self, but my Soul, my Spirit, my inner me..
  • We can still live a brilliant human life, but if we live it with more Spirit, it’s richer!
  • Sharing personal examples of relationships I have attracted/created in my own life in order to help me heal something.
  • “Showing up but not showing up too much” How far along a continuum do we allow people into our lives? It’s determined by the energy we put out, whether we acknowledge it or not.
  • Our need to be responsible for what “shows up.”
  • I want to know me and I want to know you, but coming to know somebody in that simple, human, “mental” way is not at all what I’m interested in. I want to know your Spirit, your Soul, your truth…..

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Kurt Swensen • March 26, 2015

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