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Online Recovery Support – Episode 304

Welcome to Episode 304

This week on ORS…

  • An update on Bruce M. His comparison of nicotine to heroin, his Principles of Recovery (still looking) and a few more thoughts about his life’s work.
  • An incredibly honest real life story about opiate addiction following surgery. A brutally honest guy looking for help discovers “you can’t beat biology” but maybe we can heal it. Some suggestions for how and where to find help.
  • Self- love, acceptance of who/what you really are – and another reminder that you are more than your physical self.
  • Story of a brilliant business idea, a “spiritual enfoldment” complicated by too much examination. Letting life unfold……..
  • “Problem” Somebody steals a stereo: Response, “They must have needed it, I’ll get another one
  • The deeper, further we go in the recovery process, the less the small stuff matters. Step 3 and letting go.
  • Friday group took the liberty to modify The Four Agreements a bit: Be impeccable with your hearing/listening. Giving more attention, time and energy when we listen, pausing to respond from the heart, and just answering the question that is asked. Deep mindful, loving while listening.
  • Being in alignment with your spiritual truth and path.
  • A story of seeking security from a place of fear and abandonment.

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Kurt Swensen • March 18, 2015

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