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Online Recovery Support – Episode 302

This week on episode 302 I start by getting some things that have been bothering me out of the way. I didn’t feel great about #300 and finally had some insight as to why and I wanted you all to know. I also tell a story that is actually from my family and illustrates how sometimes we go looking for trouble when there really isn’t any.

  • Steps 3 and 11 – The most “soulful” work comes from deep inside, doing what is given us to do after a soulful, meditative process and turning deeply within.
  • Desperation, anxiety, fear, and old family programming, cause a client to suffer. We look at how to restore comfort and security from within.
  • An illustration of our choice to not ignite drama.
  • Knowing where my responsibility starts, and stops.
  • Discovering my direct link to the Universe while remembering you are more than your physical Self.
  • After much soul searching I tried to dig deeper into mySelf for this weeks show. I listened to it after I recorded it and felt better than I had in a long time. Not sure what I had lost or misplaced but I think I’ve got “it” back. I hope you enjoy it and I thank you as always for the continued support.

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Kurt Swensen • March 5, 2015

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