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Online Recovery Support – Episode 298

This week on ORS 298…

Kurt shares about chicken soup, nourishment and the beauty of listening to and feeding our bodies with love and care.

A reminder about eating right for your blood-type.

In response to a listener request, Kurt shares two stories to help shed light, stir compassion and bring awareness to an intense subject matter.

Healing and the importance of finding the right practitioner to guide you – make sure you select someone who “knows.”

Letting go of codependency… Where do I start and stop, and where do you start and stop? Learn to feel the difference.

Why am I here/there? Why did I put myself here/there? Why didn’t I stay where I was?

Why is “this” showing up in my life? What is it here to teach me? What can I learn?

What would happen if each time an issue came up in my life, I sat down, turned within, looked inside, and said “Okay, what is it that’s being given me to do?” and then I did it. How much better would my life be?

Meditation is not talking, asking God to do stuff, or getting away with sh_t without feeling responsible…
Turn within, ask within – then silently, quietly patiently wait……..

This and more on this weeks show with much gratitude to all who listen and support us.
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Kurt Swensen • February 4, 2015

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