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Online Recovery Support – Episode 296

Welcome to Episode 296..
If you’re making a fresh start or new to recovery, get the help that you need, but take steps to find the right match. Find someone you can trust
Finding the right treatment for you – options and cautionary tales from the front. Make sure you feel safe with the choices you make.
Carefully consider incorporating alternatives: EMDR, Naturopathy, acupuncture, essential oils, meditation. All helpful but not for everyone.
A word about Abraham Hoffer, Bill Wilson and Niacin treatments in the 1940’s.
Always ask and prioritize what is underlying, what is the emotion, what is the feeling?
Frequently, tune, take a break – pause and ask yourself deeply, “How do you feel?”
Fine, good and I’m tired are not feelings, but sad, lonely and afraid are. Seek the emotion.
Opiates – the medical hot potato. Where can you turn for help if you don’t have 60k for Betty Ford?
Others can’t make us have feelings, we have those feelings as a result of our interactions. Be patient with you, be patient with them.
A reminder of The Four Agreements.
This and more on this weeks show with much gratitude to all who listen and support us.
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Kurt Swensen • January 21, 2015

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