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Online Recovery Support – Episode 142

This week on episode 142 of ORS Radio………..

  • My thanks to Kathleen and Teresa for their contributions.
  • The work of David Wilcock and his focus on Love and Karma. Check him out at www.divinecosmos.com
  • We are “programmed” to, and for, Love. The Love of Self, and a story of how we came into this life to Love.
  • A Brene Brown reminder, and her claim about vulnerability being the gateway to joy.
  • The resistance to feeling our feelings is based in fear.
  • The product of avoidance, resistance, shutting down, and not feeling.
  • Childhood trauma.
  • A short review about the Pineal gland and its connection to your Spirituality and the production of DMT.
  • What are we running from?
  • Gratitude, and the importance of stepping into your life.

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admin • February 1, 2012

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