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Online Recovery Support – Episode 103

Tonight on ORS Radio…………

What’s happening right now that we’re missing?

We’re on a journey. We get focused on where we are going and forget that we are in the “right here and now”. Look at what we are missing! What are you suppressing? What are you not allowing? What have you forgotten about yourself?

Imagine the experience of sinking into yourself, melting. Allowing you to be and become all that you have forgotten that you already are. “More perfect than you already are, you cannot be.” What is your intention for yourself and this life you are living? Align yourself with what is in your highest good and purpose. Follow your true path. Is it possible that you are really an amazing being capable of accomplishing the incredible?

Limitations. We put roadblocks in our way to prevent progress. How does that serve us? Why do we self sabotage? What if I simply let go and allowed my life to unfold? What would that look like? How would I feel? Bravely step into what you know is right for you. Allow that which is not authentically yours, to fall away. Be YOU! Listen to your body. What is it telling you?

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admin • May 4, 2011

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