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Online Recovery Support – Episode 135

This week on ORS Radio I carry on for several minutes about how much I love you guys and how grateful I am. An announcement about the integration of the two sites, much discussion about codependency and “whats mine, and whats not.” When do I stop trying to control someone else’s behavior and look at my own issues? I need to allow others to do their work and focus on me and what I need to do. SOME THINGS ARE NOT MY JOB!!

Spiritual malpractice, interfering with someone else’s process, and knowing when to STOP!!
Examples of the loss of boundaries, honesty, manipulation and honoring the process of our loved ones. Acceptance and blessing the work of others.

Fear, how it manifests as control, and the roles we assume as children which results in a recommendation for Michael Browns book, The Presence Process.

Two other book mentions from Dr. David Hawkins, Power vs. Force and Healing and Recovery.

The manifestation of emotional issues in our human body.

The importance of making a gratitude list.

How do I know what resonates?

What feels right, IS right!!

Situational and biological depression and a talk about light panels, vitamin D3, fish oil, and exercise to treat seasonal affective disorder.

Where do you want to treat your dis ease, at the symptoms level, or at the source?

This and more, this week on ORS episode 135.

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admin • December 14, 2011

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