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More “lost” episodes have been found!!

After posting episodes 14-50 and thinking we were done, my friend Gene pulls the true originals out of his collection. Gene saved episodes 4-13 with the exception of 5. So now, all that are missing are 5 and 30. 1-3 were discarded as practice pieces and episode 4 was the first real show. As I have mentioned before, the early shows have a very different feel than our recent programs but still have value and meaning. They are helpful, but in a more fundamental way. I think that listeners who are in the early stages of recovery will appreciate Gene’s work and contribution to the show.

Gene, as evidenced by his storage of these early episodes has been with us from the very beginning. Gene and I have exchanged emails and stayed in contact for more than three years and I am honored and grateful for his participation and support of the work that we do.

“The Lost Episodes” have become so popular that we are about to exceed our bandwidth for the month so as soon as we hit the new billing cycle we will offer either a new folder or figure out a way to place Gene’s contribution into the larger file. Either way, they should be available soon and I will let you know when that happens.

Much gratitude to all of you who have helped out in so many ways. It humbles me to know that we reach so many people and I am honored to be a part of so many lives.

Much Love, Kurt


Kurt Swensen • September 21, 2012

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