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Mike Dooley reminder.

I read this again today as a part of my morning meditation and wanted to share it with you. It feels critically important for those of us trying to remember our ultimate Truth.

“You might want something with all your heart and soul, but without believing it is possible, you simply cannot maintain the thoughts necessary to bring it to fruition. This explains why it’s your hopes and fears you believe to be the most plausible that you usually manifest, because they’ve been “allowed” the most play in your mind. The thoughts that exist just outside how you define plausible, whether outrageously wonderful or diabolically awful, are generally not manifested because they’re far too difficult to believe in, and therefore too difficult to clearly imagine and feel.

Think about what you are thinking!! If you think “my life sucks,” don’t be surprised when it does. But if you believe (like my friend Rob does) that you will always find a parking space in the front row closest to the door, 9 times out of 10 it happens!! If you can do it with parking spaces you can do it with anything, don’t limit yourself. YOU are an amazingly powerful and creative being that is capable of great magic. Just remember, you really can have, exactly what you want. Check out Mike’s book at www.tut.com


admin • July 30, 2010

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