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From our good friend Joshua……….

This is a brilliant example of much of what I talk about on the show, and how it works in our daily lives if we let it. My gratitude to Joshua for letting me share his words. Kurt

I have really been feeling acceleration lately and feel so grateful that it is bringing me Love and joy while many others are being met with confusion, frustration, and despair. I am especially amazed that where I used to have to ‘take the flashlight in to the dark corners’ to find what needs to be healed now shows up like a perfectly wrapped gift waiting on my doorstep each day. I used to feel afraid  to open the box and find out what is inside but have now realized that it is the same perfect gift each time and no matter how many times I receive it, it never gets old: the gift is HEALING itself!

Kurt Swensen • July 12, 2012

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