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From Greg Giles


My Dear Ones, Now is the time! Search your hearts, search your souls, search your memories for why you are on this Earth at this time and uncover it and allow it to be present, so present in the Now moment.

You will be astounded with what you will find if you do this. There are things you can do and things you can contribute that will make such a difference. Be what you were meant to be, minus the clutter of all the illusions you have been operating under for so long.

Who are you? You are Divine beings, each with a uniqueness that will serve the World, and in doing so, you serve yourselves and light yourselves up like a Roman candle, ready for delivering even more Light to the World, to the Universes, to All That Is, until it is impossible to tell the difference between your Light and the Light of the great Central Sun.

Kurt Swensen • April 27, 2012

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