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For those with an interest or affinity for The Tarot

For those of you who are interested in how Psychology and Tarot are brilliantly connected and how it might compliment your ongoing recovery, I recommend the work of Dr. Art Rosengarten. I recently spent part of an evening with Dr. Rosengarten and was rewarded with something deeply satisfying and complimentary to my journey into 2012.

As an introduction I listened to Art’s interview on Coast to Coast AM Radio (www.coasttocoastam.com) and found him to be exceptionally grounded and gifted in both the arts and the sciences. For those of you that are led, Art receive’s my endorsement as a gifted individual that can help add depth to your recovery process in a way you may not have considered.

Art’s book explains his work and The Tarot in more detail if you would prefer to read before contacting him. You can find it at www.amazon.com/Tarot-Psychology-Arthur-Ph-D-Rosengarten/dp/1557787840, or contact Art directly at www.moonlightcounseling.com

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Kurt Swensen • March 1, 2012

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