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Everything is exactly as it should be.

Really? I struggle with this at times. I look around and see disharmony disaster and disease and think “this is how it should be?” But then I think about the healing possibilities that could come from the situation that I am viewing or thinking about and consider that  maybe I’m missing something. That is always the case. I am missing the rest of the story! I often ask people “when was the last time something didn’t work out?” They will tell me a story about how something failed to resolve or still appears disordered. Then I point out that IT’S NOT OVER! It’s still in process and we don’t yet know the outcome. Stay tuned, try to not judge, and be open to the magic that is possible. During what appear to be some very dark times, the lights may magically turn on to illuminate that which was previously invisible. Then, we learn that perhaps the above quote is true and maybe everything is, exactly as it should be.



admin • August 4, 2010

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