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Dawn Jackson RN on Past Lives……

Past Lives – A Gateway to Healing in Your Present Life

Have you ever wondered why it seems difficult to get past certain fears, patterns and behaviors in your life despite all of the spiritual work you’ve done over the years?  Maybe you’ve read books, attended conferences, or been to therapy but the issue(s) still exists.  You understand looking at life from a spiritual perspective, you get it, but there seems to be a block prohibiting you from moving past certain things.  Sometimes even your friends and family just don’t understand why you feel so stuck.  All the resources that you can imagine are sitting in your hands but the elephant still stands in the middle of the room.

 Sometimes the reason it’s difficult to process and heal things in our life is because we don’t understand the root cause.  Often the root cause is not found in our current lifetime but instead one from the past.  Because our mind is only able to process and handle a certain amount of data our past lives are stored in our subconscious.  Our conscious mind allows us to access data from our current lifetime but protects us from being overloaded with everything that is stored in the subconscious.

To access information from past lives usually a client needs to undergo a type of Hypnotherapy called Past Life Regression (PLR).  In PLR individuals are taken into a very deep state of relaxation where it is safe to recall memories from previous lifetimes.  Even if painful memories arise the individual is able to process them from a place of observation and understanding.  Strong emotions are often felt but clients are guided to leave behind all that doesn’t serve them and bring forward only what is needed for their healing at the end of the session.   Each client is completely aware of everything going on while under hypnosis and remembers their past life at the end of the regression.

So why does remembering a past life help us heal?  As mentioned previously, sometimes understanding the root cause of an issue creates the catalyst for healing.  I always ask my clients to set a specific intention for their regression.  In example, if a client has a severe fear of water we would set the intention to go back to the lifetime where their fear of water began.  Often experiencing the initial cause of the fear allows an individual to overcome the fear in their current lifetime.

PLR can have a significant impact on emotional as well as physical issues in their current lifetime.  One client came to me experiencing not only problems speaking up but also with repeated reactions to airborne chemicals causing severe restriction of her throat. During a regression she realized that in a previous lifetime she had been hung for speaking her truth.  Interestingly she reported back to me a few weeks later that she had another reaction during a chemical exposure at work but that it was minor compared to the previous ones.  The individual also reported that she now felt more comfortable speaking up and sharing.

Because of the way our human mind works it constantly has the need to understand what is happening whether it be outside or inside of our bodies.  It makes sense that it’s often difficult to heal something when we are unable to figure out the root cause which is why PLR is so helpful for many people.  Sometimes I find that clients struggle with ongoing patterns in their life.  Often we find that in previous lifetimes they made vows which they’ve carried over into this life.  During PLR we are able to release these vows and provide healing which is brought back into the client’s current lifetime.

So how do you know if what you are experiencing during a PLR is “really” a past life?  This is the most frequently asked question I get from my clients because they are worried about the possibility of making up a story.  The important thing to remember is that “even if” an individual is making up a story it’s for their own healing.  What is needed for an individuals highest good will always come through during a PLR.  As long as clients allow the experience, trust, remain open and non-judgmental they will bring forth information into their conscious mind which can be utilized for healing.

The one thing that has surprised me the most by working with my clients and regularly undergoing my own PLR’s is the amount of healing that often happens in one or two sessions.  As many of us know we can spend years trying to heal certain issues in traditional therapy.  It’s exciting to see that other modalities can play a large part in our healing while sometimes shortening the time to wellness.

~Dawn Michele Jackson, RN Past Life Regression, Spiritual Counseling


Kurt Swensen • December 29, 2013

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