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Continued reflections

On this weeks show I am going to talk about the following ideas that have come mostly from the book Path of Empowerment by Barbara Marciniak. These ideas are not new, nor are they revolutionary. What they are very often, is, forgotten. Here are some reminders to think about before the show on Wednesday. Join us live, or download from ITunes.
Be present in your body, deeply aware. Your body is an amazing instrument for feeling, healing, measuring, assessing. Again, be deeply present!
It is time to connect the dots in your life.
Accepting your part in creating your life situations, without blaming yourself or anyone else and approaching your life with the attitude that everything you encounter has a significant purpose and will help you unblock the feeling that everything is happening to you. What if I am responsible for all I create?
Beliefs are the thoughts you hold, most often without question.
People suffer from pain and confusion due to a belief in their own sense of powerlessness.
You can change your outcomes by seeing things from a different perspective or vista. New vistas free you  from interpretations that previously restrained your spirit. WHEN CHANGE IS IN YOUR FAVOR, AND YOU STILL REFUSE TO OPEN THE DOOR TO SELF IMPROVEMENT, YOU CREATE A BLOCK ON THE NEW PROGRAM OF ENERGY AND PROHIBIT YOUR NATURAL UNFOLDMENT. This keeps us from joy, true love, and real magic.
Always ask, within yourself, for the ultimate purpose of any event to be presented to you. Why is this in my life? What is this here to teach me?
When you close yourself off from new opportunities for growth and personal change you will feel it in your body. It will manifest in the form of illness, depression, feeling overloaded and/or overwhelmed.

admin • December 14, 2010

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