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Congratulations to our friend Angie…….


Not long ago, I listened to one of the archived ORS podcasts.  In it
you told the story of leaving your job and “doing what was given to
you to do”.  I have felt for many months now that I want to go back to
school, finish my graduate degree, and move forward in my nursing
career, but couldn’t fit it into my already packed schedule.  Working
50+ hours a week and being on call 24/7 was not working for me and it
was hurting my spirit.

I have been meditating on this quandary, talking to my sponsor about
it, and praying to my higher power. Trusting the Universe’s plan, I
enrolled in classes this fall and planned on giving my resignation,
still unsure from where the money was going to come.  Last night the
answer was unveiled.  The necessary money has been given to me and I
can now move forward with what I know, in my heart, has been given to
me to do!

Kurt Swensen • July 17, 2012

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