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I Didn’t Get Sober for This Shit

Online Recovery Support – Episode 420 PSA: I DIDN’T GET SOBER FOR THIS SHIT I didn’t get sober to play it safe, to take the easy way out, to not take risks, to not make every single day a new quest for buried treasure. I didn’t get sober to sit around and think about how…

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If we knew we were going to be okay, we wouldn’t worry. We would just trust in the Universe. Again, its step 3 and 11.


I’m going to navigate this thing, come out the other side and it’s going to be awesome.


your word

From The Four Agreements. Being impeccable with your word. What if you were really impeccable with hearing and listening … being thoughtful and mindful not just when you speak, but when you’re listening to both yourself and others?


step 11

Step 11 reminds us to “improve our conscious contact”. Doing this deepens our faith in the Universe and with ourselves. This can be difficult as it requires us to sit still and listen in order to integrate this Spiritual concept into our life. Practice, it will become easier and more natural very quickly.



The deeper we explore our recovery process the less the “small stuff” matters and the seemingly larger material feels more manageable. Our Higher Consciousness perhaps?



Think about your life with every thing in it, while watching the Universe unfold. These loving experiences come to you all the time, non-stop. Not from logical conversations, comparative analysis and mental evaluation. From living in Spirit with the guidance of Steps 3 and 11. This is Grace and you are the recipient.


If I don’t love me, no one can. If I don’t trust me, no one can. If I don’t like me, no one will, and it’s transferable to every aspect of life. Do you have this pattern in your life? If so, how were these thoughts planted or introduced?


Our best work comes from searching within, not from human analysis of our predicaments and dramas.

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