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An excerpt from Messages from Matthew

4. Thoughts precede emotions, an infinitesimal lapse that isn’t recognized because the thought about a situation and the reaction to it seem to be simultaneous. When you perceive a situation as fearful, instantly that thought provokes the natural reaction—fearful feelings. As the thought veers into preoccupation with the situation’s possibledevelopments, the fear feelings that follow gather force. 

5. The universal law of attraction, which cannot differentiate what you want—something of positive naturefrom what you don’t want—a negative something—is in perpetual operation to provide whatever you focus your energy on. When that focus is on the fearful aspect of a situation—say lack of money, which is the focus of many—the universe can only provide situations to continue that lack because it has no reasoning ability to understand that what you want is enough moneynot lack of it. You have the power to change your thoughts! Thinking I have money for everything I need and feeling grateful will start the universal flow that will provide it.

Kurt Swensen • February 17, 2012

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