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  • I work with all types of addictions: alcohol, drugs, food, nicotine, shopping, gambling, and sex.
  • Confidentiality is necessary in the development of a trusting relationship and I will always take great care to be sure that all information pertaining to you and your treatment is kept in strict confidence. My desire is to create a partnership in a safe supportive environment where a healing experience can take place. I believe in the capacity of an individual to grow and overcome addiction through the exploration of repressed emotional material that has caused them to suffer usually, for a long period of time. Recovery is a process of creating and maintaining freedom from active addiction, establishing a meaningful productive life, liberation from shame and fear, and cultivation of the rewards of a spiritual life.
  • 12 step programs. 12 step programs work well for some people. If it works for you I can help you get the most out of your program. If not, I’ll help you find something that does work.
  • Accessibility. My office is easily accessible to public transportation located just three blocks off of the max line. If you’re mobility is limited or you do not live in the Portland metro area, I can provide counseling or recovery support by email or phone. I have clients in Florida, California, Montana, New York, Washington, and Hawaii.
  • Co-Occurring disorders. Many people with alcohol and drug addiction also suffer from other mental health issues. Common issues that are often present with addiction include depression, anxiety, social phobia, and disturbances of mood. This is normal and symptoms usually abate with periods of clean time in recovery. If the issue is more chronic or severe you may be appropriate for medications, acupuncture, massage or other alternative forms of symptom management. If this is the case I can help refer you to a practitioner that can diagnose you or prescribe medication if needed.
  • Financial issues. It is important to me that financial difficulties not prevent you from getting help. My rates are $95.00 per hour for individual sessions and $35.00 per group session. Phone sessions are billed at the same rate as individual session. Email correspondence is often brief and free of charge as are many phone questions. More in depth issues addressed in email are affordable and generally less than in person or phone sessions. Call me to discuss financial arrangements or payment options.