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A healing thought and an excerpt from “Anna”

“We each have a perfect inner guidance system and an inherent capacity for love and expansion of consciousness. In truth, there is betrayal of self and Creator when one ignores or rebels against one’s internal intuition, instincts, common sense, and wisdom. From a more expanded perspective, the oversoul or Higher Self guides the heart’s purity of intent to be harmless, and assess the soul’s readiness for advanced levels of empowerment.”

What you just read was from the book  Anna, Grandmother of Jesus by Claire Heartsong http://www.claireheartsong.com. When I first read this, I thought about how I have struggled against my own inner sense of knowing and how that has always caused pain in my life. Whenever I feel pain, I know I am struggling against my own resistance and the opportunity to heal. When I am able to let go and feel the pain, or feelings, or step into whatever it is that scares me, I find the answer and the relief that I am seeking.


admin • July 29, 2010

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